It's the BEST way to keep or save brown sugar!

Our unique moistening device NEVER touches your brown sugar!​

You don't have to do anything for up to 5 months after the initial moistening!

Saves rock-hard brown sugar within 24-48 hours!

Plus other uses include: dried fruit, marshmallows, licorice, other candy, baking, and much more!

The best Saver around!

SugarBaby Brown Sugar Saver 

'I am obsessed with your product! I have never been able to find anything that keeps my sugar from going hard, but SugarBaby does! Honestly, it's my go-to gift for anyone who loves to bake...or even uses brown sugar on their cereal or oatmeal. Seriously love this jar! '

                                             -Britt R.


It easily keeps brown sugar or other items fresh and ready to use with very little effort!


 Our moistening device is separate so nothing touches the contents in the jar!


The SugarBaby Saver keeps any item that needs a touch of moisture fresher longer!

Green & Clean

We chose recycled glass because it's green & clean!
It's simple! It's reasonable! It really works!

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