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Care & Maintenance 
SugarBaby Sugar Savers & humi pocket Mini Humidors

Before First Use

  1. Remove all labelling or information inserts.

  2. Wash every part of your SugarBaby Saver with hot and soapy water. This includes the sponge, rubber seal, ceramic lid and the glass jar. Ensure that all the water has been removed from the inside of the ceramic lid.

  3. Dry all parts of your SugarBaby Saver.
    The metal hardware should be dried immediately to help prevent discoloration.

  4. Once your SugarBaby Saver is clean and dry it is ready to use!

*Dishwasher Use:

Please detach the metal hardware, remove the rubber seal and the sponge-the seal and hardware components should be washed and dried by hand to ensure a longer shelf life. The sponge can be left to dry on its own after being washed.

Sugar Saver - specialty jar with humidor lid to keep brown sugar soft and fresh


silicon humidor insert for mason jars to keep sugar, snacks, baking, marshmallows and dried fruit fresh


Before First Use


  1. Wash the humi pocket with soap and warm water.

  2. Boil the sponge for 5 - 10 mins.

3 Easy Steps


  1. Fill ANY wide mouth mason jar with desired products. Fit the humi pocket into the top of the mason jar ensuring a gap, allowing 1-2 inches, between the humi pocket and the contents.

  2. Moisten the sponge and squeeze out excess water; it should feel damp, not dripping (distilled water is recommended). Place it into the humi pocket. *A more moist sponge is needed for rock-hard brown sugar.

  3. Cover with metal lid and tighten ring into place.

Maintenance Tips

Check the sponge periodically and re-moisten when necessary.

  • The use of distilled or filtered water will prolong sponge life.

  • The humidity level in the SugarBaby Saver depends on the amount of sugar in the jar, type of brown sugar being used and the frequency with which the jar is opened.

  • If anything comes into contact with your sponge you can boil it for 5-10 minutes to disinfect it.

  • Boiling = bacteria free.

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Brown Sugar Saver care & maintenace to keep brown sugar soft & fresh longer
humi pocket Care & Maintenance Instructi

humi pocket Mini Humidor Tips

  • Always leave a gap allowance between the contents in your mason jar and the humi pocket.

  • The use of smaller mason jars will require less water when moistening the sponge:

      250 ml jar, use 1-2 drops​

       500 ml jar, use up to 4 drops

      750 ml and larger, moisten sponge half full to completely full and then squeeze out the excess water so that it is only damp and not dripping.

  • The only time your sponge is more moist is when re-hydrating rock-hard brown sugar. 

  • If the mason jar ring pops off when tightening it into place; simply squeeze the ring softly which helps to make the threads catch and tighten properly.

Three Easy Steps for Using your SugarBaby Saver!

For Fresh Brown Sugar

For Rock-Hard Brown Sugar

For Other Products

  1. Once your SugarBaby Saver is washed and dried fill it with your favourite brand of brown sugar.

  2. Moisten the sponge and squeeze out the excess water. The sponge should feel damp, not wet or sopping.

  3. Return the sponge to the humidor lid, fasten the lid and enjoy having soft and fresh brown sugar whenever you want it!

  1. Break up your hardened brown sugar and fit it into your
    SugarBaby Saver.


  2. Moisten your sponge and don't fully wring out the excess water to allow for a more moist sponge which helps to speed up re-hydration.
    Never have your sponge so wet that it is dripping or sopping. Fit the sponge into
    place in the lid and fasten your SugarBaby Saver closed.


  3.  As the hardened sugar begins to soften, stir 2-3 times during the first 12-24 hour period to help move the humidity around your jar to speed up re-hydration.
     *Without stirring the brown sugar will still
    re-hydrate, but allow a longer time frame (24-48 hours) to completely soften. 

examples: dried fruit, marshmallows, licorice, other candy, coconut, soft cookies, soft pet treats, cigars/tobacco, recyclable K-Cups, etc.

  1. ALWAYS start with FRESH food products or other items as the SugarBaby Saver CAN NOT re-hydrate anything other than brown sugar. The SugarBaby Saver DOES allow you to keep other items FRESHER LONGER!

  2. Moisten the sponge with less water or really squeeze the excess water from the sponge. Less moisture is required when using your SugarBaby Saver for other products. 

  3. Return the sponge to the SugarBaby humidor lid. You can also leave your sponge drier for longer periods
    of time as it doesn't need to be
    re-moistened as frequently as for
    use with brown sugar.

It really


Sugar Saver Humidor Jar to keep brown sugar fresh & soft

**If you have left your brown sugar in your SugarBaby Saver for a longer period of time (5+months) without moistening the sponge the sugar will harden in your jar. Simply remoisten your sponge
and follow the above directions for rock-hard sugar.**

Helpful Tips
  • You can use any kind of brown sugar you want. 
  • Yes you can use your SugarBaby Saver for more than just brown sugar! Try it for dried fruit, marshmallows or licorice to name a few!
  • You can speed up re-hydration of rock-hard sugar by having a more moist sponge and stirring 2-3 X  during the first 12-24 hrs.
  • You can use the SugarBaby Saver for items that don't require any moisture (flour, white sugar, etc.) just don't moisten or use the sponge.
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