Frequently ASKED Questions
  1. How long will it take the SugarBaby Saver to soften rock-hard sugar?
  2. How often do I add water to my sponge?
  3. My brown sugar is too moist-what should I do?
  4. What to do if something has come into contact with my sponge?
Helpful Tips
  • You can use any kind of brown sugar you want. 
  • Yes you can use your SugarBaby Saver for more than just brown sugar! Try it for dried fruit, marshmallows or licorice to name a few!
  • You can speed up re-hydration of rock-hard sugar by having a more moist sponge and stirring 2-3 X  during the first 12-24 hrs.
  • You can use the SugarBaby Saver for items that don't require any moisture (flour, white sugar, etc.) just don't moisten or use the sponge.

You asked...we answered.

1 :
It takes approximately 24-48 hours to re-fresh rock-hard brown sugar. Break up the hardened sugar as best you can and fit it into your SugarBaby Saver. Moisten your sponge, not fully wringing it out, as a more moist sponge helps to speed up re-hydration. Never have your sponge so wet that it is dripping or sopping. As the brown sugar begins to soften stir 2-3 X during the first 12-24 hours as this moves the humidity within the jar to speed up re-hydration. 
*Without stirring allow 24-48 hours for complete softening. Adding a smaller amount of hardened sugar initially will also speed up re-hydration.
2 :
How often you open your SugarBaby Saver and what type of brown sugar you use will affect how often you need to moisten your sponge. Check the sponge periodically for re-moistening, but generally speaking, every 3-4 months is sufficient if you are not using your SugarBaby Saver often. The sponge is meant to dry out so that your brown sugar retains its moisture. If you are frequently opening your SugarBaby Saver you are releasing some of the humidity with each opening-you may need to re-moisten your sponge more often.
*If your brown sugar has hardened in your SugarBaby Saver simply moisten your sponge (a more moist sponge helps to speed up re-hydration) and stir a few times within the first 12-24 hrs to re-hydrate it back to soft and use-able sugar. No stirring-allow up to 48 hours for full re-hydration.
3 :
If your brown sugar is too moist check the moisture of your sponge or the level and type of brown sugar in your Saver. To help decrease the humidity, simply open your SugarBaby Saver and remove the sponge to allow it dry out. Leaving your SugarBaby open for 12-24 hours without the moisture source will allow the excess humidity to be released. Stirring occasionally will also aid in releasing humidity. Once your brown sugar has a more consistent moisture level you can re-moisten your sponge, and return it to your SugarBaby humidor lid.
*If your brown sugar level is low stirring in fresh sugar will also help to speed up evaporation. A more moist type of brown sugar will require LESS moisture on the sponge. 
4 :
If something has come into contact with your sponge you can wash it with hot soapy water and allow it to dry before reusing it again. You can also boil the sponge for 5-10 minutes to disinfect it.  
*The use of distilled or filtered water will prolong the sponge shelf life. Replacement sponges are available.

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