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Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Running my own business has had many ups and downs to say the least. It is a perpetual train of moving parts that change daily. The pull of focusing on long term goals among daily ones can be stressful. I find that to pinpoint my attention I need to ask questions.

I begin with what is imminent and ask myself what my short-term goals are; I break these down into daily tasks and weekly goals. Currently, we are in the middle of officially launching a new product, building a website plus staying on top of daily tasks; as a whole, this sounds and feels overwhelming. If I begin from where I am today-my daily tasks include social media postings, a welcome letter for potential retailers to introduce my new product and physically packaging my products in preparation for said sample packages.

My short-term goals for the week include the completion of the sample packages and the creation of a list of potential stores for product drop off as well as building content for the new website. My long-term goal is the successful completion of having my products in more retail locations; particularly a grocery store.

Questioning and viewing things from a new perspective can possibly bring the shift that moves you toward finding solutions and the clarity of what you value in your business. I find that understanding 'why' I do something brings about the 'how' much more quickly. Organizing my to-do list keeps me on track and better able to attain smaller tasks while working toward my long-term goals.

I hope your week has started off with a bang and if it just hasn’t maybe all you need to do is ask yourself a question or two to re-set. Wishing you a happy Monday!


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