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SugarBaby Brown Sugar Saver History

If truth be told, we didn't set out to invent a cure for the hunk of rock-hard brown sugar that was sitting in a bag in our kitchen cupboard. We actually stumbled upon it quite by accident. Our unexpected journey started when we received a cigar humidor as a gift, and wondered if there were some other practical uses for the humidor. We made a few modifications, did a few test runs, and ended up with a preliminary version of a jar with a humidor that would keep brown sugar soft.

Next, we decided to take the big leap and show our friends. They loved it. They wanted it. So we decided to go for it and developed a prototype with a sponge inside. After a great deal of testing and tinkering, The SugarBaby Brown Sugar Saver was born. As the proud parents of this new kitchen product, we're truly humbled by all of the support we've received. So thanks to everyone who helped us get our sugar softener launched.