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Humi pocket mini humidor to keep food fresh longer in mason jars

Meet the newest kitchen product from
The Good Kitchen Collection

Create your own food saver/humidor by simply fitting the humi pocket into any wide mouth mason jar! Choose from clear or 11 bright colour options.
You choose what size best fits your counter space or pantry shelf (wide mouth mason jars sized from 250ml to over 1.9 L). Keep any item as fresh as the day you buy them!

You can call it serendipity,

a happy accident,

a "why didn't I think of that" moment.  We call it the

SugarBaby Brown Sugar Saver. 

The SugarBaby Saver is a 1.5 L glass

jar with a special humidor lid that keeps brown sugar SOFT and

can even FIX rock-hard sugar

within 24-48 hours! 

Other uses include keeping dried fruit, marshmallows, soft candy, baking, coconut, soft pet treats. cigars (or any item that needs a touch of water) FRESHER LONGER! The moisture source never touches the contents of your jar and it's so easy to use; simply moisten a few times per year!

Sugar baby keeps brown sugar, candy, marshmallows or baking fresh with it's unique humidor lid

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SugarBaby Brown Sugar Saver & humi pocket Mini Humidor

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  • Replacement parts for both the SugarBaby Saver and humi pocket are available.
SB Savers both with labels 1080 px x 108
humi pocket Mini Humidor clear fits any wide mouth mason jar to create a DIY Saver

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All Videos

All Videos
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How To Use the SugarBaby Saver

How To Use the SugarBaby Saver

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SugarBaby Saver Other Uses

SugarBaby Saver Other Uses

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How to Save Rock-Hard Brown Sugar

How to Save Rock-Hard Brown Sugar

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