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The innovative new way to store your cannabis products!

The innovative new way to store your cannabis products!

Extend the life of Cannabis with humi mini humidor for mason jars

way to store your cannabis

The humi pocket is a silicone insert that fits into ANY wide mouth mason jar to create a DIY humidor!

Available in clear and 11 bright colours

  • ​it fits any brand or size of wide mouth mason jars (250 ml up to 1.9 L).

  • you choose which size mason jar best fits your items!

  • keep cannabis, tobacco, cigars & edibles FRESH!

  • it's re-useable and simple to use!

  • choose the humidity level you need!

  • the most cost effective solution!

Humi Pocket mini food humidors to keep cigars, cannabis and edibles fresh
Humi Pocket Mini humidor - keep cannabis, edibles and cigras fresh!
hp water droplet 8 x 2_ website graphic.

A little goes a long way...
you will be surprised how little water you need to keep your products FRESH!

Careful attention to the humidity level is important as it should NOT EXCEED 65%.
  • Check the sponge periodically and re-moisten to your desired humidity level.

  • You will determine what level you require dependent on size of mason jar used, how moist you want to keep your contents and how often you open your mason jar.

humi pocket Use for Cannabis Products

Before First Use


  1. Wash the humi pocket with soap and warm water.

  2. Boil the sponge for 5 - 10 mins.


3 Easy Steps


  1. Fill ANY wide mouth mason jar with desired products. Fit the humi pocket into the top of the mason jar leaving a sufficient gap allowance between the humi pocket

  2. and the contents.

   2. Sponge moistness depends on the size of mason jar being used:

  • 250 ml, use 1-2 drops of water​.

  • 500 ml, use up to 4 drops.

  • 750 ml and larger, moisten sponge half full to completely full and squeeze out the excess water so that the sponge is only damp and not dripping.​

  • *distilled or filtered water is recommended.


    3. Once the sponge is moistened place it into the humi pocket which sits in the top of the mason jar, cover with the metal lid and tighten the ring into  place.

       *if the ring ever pops when tightening; simply squeeze the metal ring as this helps the threads to catch and allows proper tightening.

Cannabis Storage Tips and Recommendations


Use the recommended relative humidity level of between 59% to 63%. *DO NOT EXCEED 65%


Manage the appropriate range of humidity which will help to retain a higher terpene and cannabinoid content.


Store at room temperature in a sealed container or jar; away from sunlight and in a cool, dry place.



Store in containers with a neutral charge like glass mason jars.


Separate your strains to maintain their individual flavor profiles. Labelling them with a date is also helpful.


Use a vacuum seal in your jar to minimize oxygen exposure.


Store in plastic bags as they carry a static charge that can attract precious trichomes.


Store in a refrigerator or freezer. The fluctuations in humidity and temperature can cause problems.

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