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A Moment in Time

Did you know that it took us almost two years to create the SugarBaby Saver as you see it today! You might be asking 'Why did it take so long?'

There are many stages that go into inventing something new! Each stage has its own hurdles and triumphs, but each stage is also very necessary. You move through each stage planning, adapting and left feeling quite unsure of exactly how it will all turn out.

1. Design specifications

2. Product material

3. Prototype

4. Product testing

5. Production

6. Branding

7. Packaging

8. Final Product testing

Each phase builds from each previous step and believe me you want to take the time and effort along the way. As they say, "Measure three times, cut once". It is exciting and at times frustrating. Things do not always go to plan but in that you always learn something from each obstacle or challenge. By the end you are so excited as well as so relieved; what you had envisioned has finally come into physical form. It is an amazing moment and should be savored. As you climb down from your cloud nine you will spiral around and return to the next level on your path where you will find another first step and new beginning.

My best,


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