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A Little Touch of Magic!

Would you believe that operating a small business actually runs on a little magic? Lately I have been feeling quite frustrated. 2020 has not gone to plan in any way shape or form. Even though many of the changes have been a real positive for me; I appreciate the slowing down, the staying home, smaller circles of our interaction groups and the overall emphasize on family/small/local businesses. On the negative side many markets have been cancelled, things seem to take much longer to get done and costs have greatly risen. You get the idea!

Within some of these changes I have felt out of sorts and frustrated. I have come to realize that when I am feeling this way, what I need most, is to take a big step back. Stepping back creates the space for what always follows frustration, and believe it or not, it is actually a breakthrough! I have learned that when I am seeking a solution to any problem, within my business or simply in life, it represents an opportunity for growth. Growth happens through how resilient you are and the choice to push through the issue instead of ignoring it. This choice brings you above the problem to the level of a solution. The learning curve is necessary because if you persevere and figure out what you need to learn in that moment you literally just did something that you originally thought you could not. This is where you break free or breakthrough! In my opinion I would call that unequivocal magic!

My best,


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