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Each Ending Brings Forth a New Beginning!

Beginning a new chapter for 2021
Hello 2021!

2020’s chapter is over and so we step forward to turn the page and begin anew with 2021! As difficult as last year was it also opened us up to new ways of thinking and doing. 2020 taught us adaptability and flexibility every time we confronted an obstacle. We looked for and found solutions because we had to. This showed us our strength and perseverance as well as our willingness to change anything that no longer fit what we considered ‘normal’. Was it easy? It sure wasn’t. It was uncomfortable and trying. At times it brought so much frustration that it felt like nothing would ever be the same again. And yet we survived. We are still standing. Maybe if we look closely; we may even be a little bit better off. These new ways of being might have brought us closer to our family, our pets, our neighbors, our community and most importantly closer to ourselves. We know what we are made of. We know how far we have come. We accept that this is where we begin from.

Hello 2021, so happy to see you!

Jennifer & SB Products Team

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