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Engagement Rules the House!

I spent some time today looking up different ways to help increase community engagement on social media. You can read through the list and see what works for you. I try to use all of these options and to be honest there are some that come more easily than others. I tend to shy away from what I feel I am not good at, but this is exactly the spot of where I can grow. For me #5 is always a struggle. I have trouble being upfront and visible in my business. I naturally am more of an introvert, which simply stated means, I need to be alone to recharge and being in any spotlight is very uncomfortable. If you are like me and always looking for a better way to market on social media then maybe some of these suggestions will help...from all that I read and learn; the number one approach is engagement. This is the key!

  1. Use images and tell a story. Photos, pictures and videos grab your reader's attention more readily than text all on it's own. 'A photo is worth a thousand words' really is true. Posts using images can increase your customer's retention by up to 65%. We are visual creatures and people connect to images in any format.

  2. Share success stories or testimonials from your customers. Potential customers want to hear from current customers.This effectively lends credibility to your product or service when new customers can read through current or past customer reviews and comments. This can be very effective if a customer has a complaint or problem, and it is your job to correct the issue. You can bet one hundred percent that any customer that leaves feeling completely satisfied with how you handled the issue will definitely pass that on to people they know or post a comment or review.

  3. Use your like or share feature to answer a question. This is a great way to engage your audience.  Simply pose a question and challenge your audience to like the post or share their answer (yes, no, or specific response). Maybe choose to get your followers opinion regarding a local event or if you are offering a giveaway or prize. They enter to win something of value while also providing great value to you with each like, click or share.

  4. Connect with your audience through emotion. It’s not always about selling; sometimes you want to give your customers a break from their day. Video posts or even a silly dog photo helps to offer a softer side to your brand. This is an effective way to engage through content and customers can like, click and share away. I use many personal photos of my dog, cat and daughter to help keep my posts honest and genuine. There's also nothing wrong with using stock photos or content building platforms to help fill your content schedule. It can be time consuming to crank out your own photography. Use your creative side to bring a human approach to your marketing and hopefully you can bring a smile or give a laugh to your customers.

  5. Show many sides of your business. Offer a different perspective like showcasing your first day at your community Farmer's Market or behind the scenes blog about a new and upcoming product. It also helps to give a face to the name, brand or company you are trying to build. People connect with other people. Find a way to showcase who you are to your customers. This is one area where I struggle but I continue to work at it each and every day.

  6. Ask your audience for help. Asking for feedback builds a bridge with your customers and audience. It connects you while also giving you valuable feedback. Maybe you want their opinion on new logo ideas-this is a great way to see what resonates with your audience before you spend any money. It's like getting your own focus group when they engage with you.

  7. Take a break. Sometimes it's necessary to step back and take a moment away from posting and your social media pages so you don't lose your focus and inspiration. When you aren't feeling it then give yourself a break, a moment, a day to reflect, regroup and to reignite that spark.

Happy posting!

Stay well,


  • Creative Ways to Gain Community Engagement-H & C Co. Marketing Group

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