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It's Finally Here!


It has taken us a full year to invent, design, manufacture and package our newest product, the humi pocket Mini Humidor! We think you will be happy with what we came up with!

Customers have been asking for awhile for a smaller or shorter version of our SugarBaby Saver. We originally were going to do a mini version of the SugarBaby Saver, but then we decided to make an option with even bigger benefits. What the humi pocket offers is less bulk making it easier to ship, it is more versatile and with a much lower price tag you are saving those hard-earned dollars!

The humi pocket works just like the SugarBaby Saver so you can continue to keep brown sugar soft, fix hard sugar plus keep other food products/items (dried fruit, marshmallows, licorice/other candy) fresher longer. The biggest difference and benefit is that the humi pocket fits into any wide mouth mason jar, so you choose exactly what size jar fits your counter or pantry shelf. You can choose a jar as small as 250 ml or as large as 1.5 L. Essentially you are creating your own DIY food saver. The humi pocket is available in clear (S/2) double pack or individually packaged along with 7 bright colour options (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink).

The humi pocket will be available at the upcoming Farmer's markets (MIllarville opening day June 20th) and soon enough it will also be listed on our website and Amazon. We are so excited to show you how easy the humi pocket is to use and the price point cannot be beat!

See you soon!

SugarBaby Team

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